Will the Vital Foundation still exist?

Yes, absolutely. The Vital Foundation’s key aim is to continue to add meaningful value to communities, ensuring happy, healthy, and productive South African families and homes.

Does this mean you won’t be running fundraising campaigns anymore?

Not at all, each campaign is different, and therefore funding models will change to suit the specific campaign. Vital Health Foods always has been, and always will be a socially conscious brand that uplifts and betters the lives of South African families through the Vital Foundation. We’re very proudly a ‘purpose-beyond-profit’ company.

Why did you decide to stop supporting woman and child abuse?

In the two years we’ve run the R1 Makes a Difference campaign, we’ve raised over R10,4 million (end March 2016) to fight the scourge of woman and child abuse in South Africa. Vital is immensely proud of how the campaign performed, and the contribution we’ve made to a struggle South Africa battles with every day. It is at the conclusion of this campaign that we would like to tackle another social problem that is close to Vital’s heart— and that is of good health and nutrition. Our journey with the Vital Foundation has revealed how nutrition plays a critical role in the well-being of South Africans, and as such we have made the decision to bring our efforts back home and channel our endeavours to promoting good health for all, whether is it is by leading a more active lifestyle or even just meeting basic nutritional needs.

So what cause will the Vital Foundation support next?

We’re going to announce this in May, but what we can tell you right now is that our new cause will be strongly linked to nutrition and health, which is our core strength and expertise.

How is the new cause going to be funded?

Finance will come from Vital Health Foods’ corporate social investment budget, as opposed to the unit sales on which the R1 Makes A Difference campaign was based.

How will the new cause be announced?

Across all media platforms that are available to Vital.

What will happen to the money raised in the R1 Makes a Difference campaign?

All money raised for this cause until the end of April 2016, when the campaign comes to an end, will be paid out to those beneficiaries who applied in the February 2016 cycle. This will be the last funding cycle for the campaign.

How many beneficiaries benefited? Who were they, and where are they located?

From 2014 to date, 61 beneficiaries throughout South Africa will have benefited from the Vital Foundation. Additional beneficiaries have also been selected after the final cycle closed on 18 March 2016. We are currently in the process of donating funds to the July 2015 group of applicants until the end of July 2016.

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