Funding application process

Login and monitor your application

The Vital Foundation supports the fight against the abuse of women and children by funding organisations which focus on:

  • the protection (such as treatment, support, counselling, therapy court preparation and related services) and
  • the prevention (such as awareness, campaigns and education) of abuse against women and children.   
  • The prosecution of offenders of abuse and ensuring that there is social justice for offences and that offenders are rehabilitated.

Funding for the Vital Foundation is donated through the ‘One rand makes a difference Campaign’.  R1 from every pack of Vital supplements sold is donated to the Vital Foundation.  In this way consumers help to make a difference in supporting the fight against this scourge. 

Funding applications are on-line and require that you register and login to complete the application form.

The Vital Foundation invites funding applications twice a year during the following periods:

  • 1 February – 28 February
  • 1 July – 31 July

If your organisation has registered for this funding cycle, you will be able to continue to login and view your application but will not be able to edit information.  You will be able to monitor the progress of your application by logging in to this website but will also be notified via email when the progress changes.

If you have not applied for funding, the next funding cycle will open on 1 February 2016.

For further information contact us on


  1. Funding applications are considered for services or projects that focus on interventions that help fight woman and child abuse. These include protection, prevention and prosecution services.
  2. The organisation must have been in existence for six months or longer
  3. The organisation should be registered as an NGO, NPO or similar not-for-profit organisation
  4. Organisations should be willing to report on the activities and financial expenditure of the funding granted by the Vital Foundation.
  5. Organisations should provide ALL the documents required in the funding application.

NOTE: Current funding recipients will NOT BE ELIGIBLE if they have not met ALL reporting conditions of their funding agreement.

Tips in applying for funding

  • When funding applications are open, you will be able to edit your organisation’s details but will need to submit a project plan and budget again.
  • Check that your tax clearance certificate has not expired before the closing date of a funding cycle.
  • Keep your answers to the questions clear and to the point.  The application form indicates the number of words that each response will allow.
  • Check that you have uploaded the correct supporting documents.
  • The project plan needs to have sufficient details to clearly indicate what you plan to do with the funding you are requesting.
  • The budget should relate to the activities in the project plan and add up to the total funding amount you are requesting.
  • Make sure you save as you complete the application form. 
  • You can continue to login with your details until funding applications close for a funding cycle.
  • Check and print out the summary page for your record once your application is complete. 
  • Check that you have completed all requirements for your funding application.

Required Tax Clearance

A Tax Clearance Certificate from SARS is required.  A Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) validates your status as a taxpayer.  Even though an organisation may receive certain tax benefits upon application to SARS as a non- profit organisation (NGO), public benefit organisation (PBO)  or similar organisation and be exempt from tax for any income they receive to do work, the organisation may still be responsible to deduct and pay employee tax (PAYE) for its employees and unemployment insurance fund (UIF) for its employees.  The tax clearance certificate (TCC) confirms that the organisation is tax compliant and in Good Standing and is valid for a year. It notes the expiry date by which time you should have already have applied for your updated Tax Clearance Certificate.   You apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) free of charge from SARS and this can also be done on-line on the SARS website.  Your accountant or tax consultant should be able to assist you in this regard.